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Unlock Boundless Opportunities in the Heart of Saudi Arabia

Explore a world of investment possibilities in the thriving landscape of Saudi Arabia. Maloon Finance and Management Advisory (MFMA) opens doors to strategic investment opportunities tailored for success. Take the first step towards investment success. 

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 

Maloon Makes it Possible to Invest in The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

Maloon provides guidance for investors looking to capitalize on Saudi Arabia's dynamic growth, exposing abundant opportunities across various sectors spurred by the transformative Vision 2030 initiatives.

Discover The 

Vision 2030

As part of the Saudi Vision 2030, the Kingdom has undertaken economic reforms that reduce dependence on oil as a major economic activity and strategies have been put in place to diversify non-oil sources of income.

Strategic Location

Saudi Arabia offers diverse opportunities

  • Easy access to 3 continents within a few hours

  • 13% of world trade comes through the Red Sea

  • More than 40% of global GDP falls within the 6 hours range

  • 14 international airports across the Kingdom

  • Over 50 fast-growing markets within 4 hours​

  • More than 80% of the world's population is within 7 hours

The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

Unleash the potential of Saudi Arabia with Maloon, Your investment guide.

Logistics Network

Maloon Financial | Saudi Arabia Investment Opportunities



Government services growth rate


Non-oil activities growth rate 


Oil activities growth rate


Real GDP growth rate

5,590 KM It transports more than 7 million metric tons of minerals across major industrial hubs.


232,000 KM It is the 23rd largest network in the world

Strong & Resilient Economy


Population growth rate over the next five years among The Group of Twenty


The largest per capita GDP among The G20 (Purchasing power parity)


Lowest debt ratio/Gross domestic product among the G20 countries


Largest reserves of foreign assets in the world

City and industrial


With some of the lowest rates worldwide



Most of the world's trade passes through the Red Sea



It receives more than 90 million passengers annually and connects to more than 45 countries



Handles more than 13 million containers annually, thus forming the largest marine network in the east Middle

Maloon Financial | Saudi Arabia Investment Opportunities

Why Invest in Saudi Arabia? Supporting 7 Investment Principles

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia introduced 7 Investment Principles by the Royal Decree to ensure the implementation of a fully competitive investment environment at the highest regulatory and legal levels.

Equal access to investment incentives

Saudi Arabia ensures equal access to investment incentives for both local and foreign investors, promoting economic growth and diversification.

Equality between Saudi and foreign investors

Saudi reforms, including the Foreign Investment Law, aim for equality between local and foreign investors, supporting Vision 2030's economic diversification.

Strong transfer of knowledge and technologies, and strengthening of local human capital

Saudi Arabia aims for a robust transfer of knowledge, technology, and local human capital strengthening in its investment strategy for economic growth and innovation.

Accessible procedures for foreign workers and their families

Saudi Arabia has streamlined procedures for foreign workers and families to attract international talent and investments.

Investor compliance with Saudi Arabia health and safety regulations

Saudi Arabia prioritizes investor compliance with health and safety regulations for a secure and sustainable business environment.

Investment protection

Saudi Arabia emphasizes strong investment protection through legal frameworks and policies, ensuring stability for both local and international investors.

Sustainability of investments

Saudi Arabia prioritizes sustainable investments with a focus on long-term viability, environmental responsibility, and social impact.

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